About us

Our Background

The idea of an association started in March of 2012 when our Chairman, Mr.Washington Ndegea,saw that it was time that agents had a national association instead of the small groupings of agents who were not helping the agent in any way,as far as formulation of policies is concerned. It isalso worth noting that agentsbefore the formation of the association were not being considered in their views on industry matters,a fact that disturbed the Chairman a lot.

The agent therefore had no recourse for any unfair act to him/her making us at the mercy of other industry players. The agent also could not meaningfully contribute to growth of insurance as he felt his ideas would not be appreciated. Thus began a journey that would take two years of consulting with other agents and industry players until the year 2014 February when we got the certificate from the registrar of societies.

We now had the task of popularizing the association to the agents in the whole country, a task the chairman did, while setting up BIA chapters in every region of the country. The move has been very popular with agents and they have welcomed the association with an open heart. Our membership in the whole country is now close to one thousand, with new members joining everyday.