Feature stories for Bima Intermediaries Association of Kenya

1. IRA urged to ban banks from giving insurance services. This was the article that appeared in The Standard newspaper dated 12th August 2014. {link}

2. Insurance association want rogue agents out. The article that appeared in The Star newspaper on Tue 11th Nov 2014 on our Mombasa meeting of Fri 7th November. {link}

3. More than 5000 insurance agents could be operating without licenses Kenya. The Standard newspaper article that appeared on Nov 12th 2014 on the Mombasa visit by Bima Intermediaries Association of Kenya.

4. Insurers wants regulator to weed out quacks.This is the article that appeared in The Standard newspaper of 29th September. {link}

5. Insurers seek new laws for policy coverage. The Standard newspaper article on 17th September 2014.

6. Banks rendering us jobless insurance agents claim. This was the article that appeared in The Standard newspaper dated 3rd September 2014. Meru County report. {link}

7. Insurance broker's dilemma. This was the article that appeared in the People Daily Newspaper dated 23rd July 2014. {link}

8. Insurance agents root for higher allowances.This is the article that appeared in the Standard Newspaper dated 21st April 2014.

9. Agents claim banks collude with insurers. This is the article appearing in The Star Newspaper dated 24th June 2014. {link}

10. Insurance agents accuse banks of abuse. This is the article that appeared in the Daily nation dated 23rd June2014. {link}

11. Get your copy of the Small Medium Enterprises Today magazine for the Dec/Jan issue. Read about the insurance industry.BIA has also been featured in the magazine. {link}

12. Banks likely to edge insurance agents out of their own turf. Daily nation on 28th March, 2015. {link}

13. Insurance intermediaries launch umbrella body. Standard Media on 31st March, 2015. {link}

14. Business pictorial. The Star on 7th April, 2015. {Link}

15. Insurance agents urge AG to amend draft bill. The Star 15th April, 2015. {link}

16. Insurance agents ask Attorney General Githu Muigai to amend draft bill. The Standard 15th April, 2015. {link}

17.Anti-competition fine by CAK alarms insurance firms. {read more}

18.Bancassurance 'running insurance agents out of town'. Capital fm business webwite 25th May 2015 {read more}

18.KRA wants insurance brokers’ tax case thrown out {read more}

19.Increasing fraud in Kenya's insurance sector alarming.Capital fm business news 8th May 2015. {read more}

20.Insurers seek stake in infrastructure projects {read more}

21.Agents see tough future as banks eye insurance business {read more}

22.Insurance sector witnesses rising claims {read}

23.CIC hires managing director to revive ailing medical business {read}